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Driver Installation Made Easy
Help with installing a new driver

Whenever you attach a device such as a printer or camera to your computer for the first time, you must also install a piece of software called a driver. The driver is usually found on a CD that comes with the device, or it is downloaded for a web site. In some cases, the driver is packaged in a special files called Setup.exe, in which case double clicking that file will automatically handle the file installation for you. If not, keep reading.

When downloading new drivers and driver updates, you're often on your own when it comes to installation. Before getting started, you will need to know where the driver files were stored when you downloaded them to your computer. If the driver files you downloaded have a .zip extension you will need to unzip them to be able to use them. You can unzip a file by:
Right-clicking on its name in the file browser
Selecting Extract All to bring up a software wizard, and
Clicking on Next through the entire software "Wizard." This creates a new folder with the same name as the zip file and it will contain the driver files you need.
Here's the 10-step process to install a driver:
Find Device Manager by
Clicking on the Start icon,
Clicking the Control Panel icon, then
Double clicking the System icon.

The System Properties window will appear.

The Device Manager button is under the Hardware tab. Click on the button and a list of your computer's hardware will appear
Find the hardware item for which you want to add or update the driver in the list. You may need to click on the "plus" box next to the hardware type to expand the list and show specific devices. Right click on the hardware item to open a new menu.
Click on Update Driver in this new menu. Doing so will activate a software wizard to help you through the rest of the process.
The Wizard may ask if you want to connect to the Internet or to Windows Update to search for a driver. Answer "No" and continue, or if using Vista select Browse Computer.
The wizard will then ask what you want to do next. Choose "Install from list or specific location (advanced)" and click Next to continue.
In the next box answer "Don't search" and click Next again.
In the last box click the "Have Disk" button and use the "Browse" button to bring up the "Locate File" window.
Navigate to the folder or subfolder that you saved or unzipped the driver file to and then click on OK or Open (whichever appears). You should be presented with one or two drivers in a list.
Choose the first driver in the list and click Next.
That's it! You have just installed a new driver. Congratulations!